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Tyler Williams

Official established in 2017, Monolithic Productions is owned and operated by Music Producer Tyler Williams. Tyler started the studio to create a knowledgeable One Stop Shop and creative space for musicians to have the best recording experience possible. His main goal is to always provide a final product that musicians are confident their fan's will love. Focusing mainly on heavy metal and hard rock, he has worked with artists through all steps of the production process to help deliver a finished product that will stand the test of time. 

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Oshawa, ON, Canada


"Tyler has impressed me so much as a producer and musician. Production isn't just his passion and work, it's his life. He is always willing to learn and grow no matter what situation is thrown at him. He is a team player and helps you become better at what you do as a studio musician and writer. He truly cares about his clients and getting the best out of them and their release. Highly recommend for any project"

Lindsay Schoolcraft (Schoolcraft, Cradle of Filth)

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